Joining two tracks not work expectable way in Dorico Pro 5

I use Dorico Pro 5 in Windows.
i have thing what i only simulated (not done luckily with midi import but pretest next projects).
i have all techniques technical reasons (becouse i daw side i need techniques own tracks when i do music for prepaded notation and some cases easier editing also daw side). i have two 1/4 notes in tracks one is start of measure and one is after 1/4 rest. when i added techniques. joining result in insert mode is always wrong (i get other wayt wrong when i select music in other track starting note and copying music using this realative postion to pasting process). its something do these techniques what mess things up becouse when i join two notes without these technique markings, result what I expected two 1/4 notes after each other. there is what i get end result. i selected all notes and rest of this track (from measure level i think i not need select empty measures when they are end) what i wanted join in second. Flute 3 line shows end result (and start material is Flute 1 and Flute 2) as you see its wrong made basic insert mode. i pasted this case start of measure what I used all similar cases. others what i used similar tests worked well what i looked. i think at least pizzicatto worked but seems tremolo not for example.
some complex technique cases i cannot use dorico automatic technique import for midi. i dont want talk it more but its clear thing no needed discuss i know what i talk this technique case.

there is also project included. this not real music then i can easily share it (generally always bit worry share my music) but test for idea.
joining_problem.dorico (488.0 KB)

ps. i know real flutter tongue needs also tremolo markings for it. not change end result expect tremolo marking copied as well when is used.:slight_smile:

I’m not sure I fully understand the order of steps you’re taking to get this end result (if you could write out exactly what you did, in an ordered list of short actions, that would be helpful) but in general:

  • If you want to take two existing lines of music and merge them into one line containing all the content of the other two, you can use the Reduce function. Copying and pasting with Insert mode is not the method I would recommend, but you could also copy/paste with Chord mode active (as Chord mode allows for the merging of material on top of each other; Insert mode is more for pushing material backwards/forwards without overwriting).

  • You can use the MIDI Import Options dialog to route multiple MIDI tracks to the same player, and Dorico will handle the playing technique changes for you.

reduce does it work with more lines? i going check it.

second idea i allready sayed its not possible (and you hopelly now trust me when what i say) do ones what i mean: (these are not real musicans playing techniques but vst sounds what i need rewrite as notes)
Dorico cannot write this kind thing using for single half note c note and c major project trill what is size of quater note what goes c,d,c and d half note after it. and scale is important becouse this vst technique follows diatonic not chromatic scale.

ps. i forget this chord mode (i thniked wrong mode when i done things) thing again i thinked only insert mode even i dont still understand why worked without techniques but when i have these with techniques it done this odd way work.