Joni's Wish "revisited" finally completed :)

I started this song in 2012 and never put the other instruments on it. I went back through my old tracks and decided I needed to put this piece to bed. As a reminder for anyone that heard old version…Joni", inspired by the great Joni Mitchell who holds a spot in my heart. I wrote this after I watched “Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart and Mind” on Netflicks. Just how I was feeling after seeing that movie…
First draft was Piano/Bass. I then added percussion and Bass Clarinet please share any suggestions. There are two versions (mastered differently so volumes may not be same)

I am trying to decide if I should use the percussion or just the Bass, Bass Clarinet and Piano. I have the tracks marked as private so let me know if you can’t open and I will change them to public

Version one no percussion:
Version two has percussion track also


Hi Kenny, the first track would not come up, but the second track played fine. I would say that the percussion is not adding a lot, but it’s adding something, and I like it. It’s a very nice track with great feel, and if you’d just get one of your expert guitar player friends to play on it, it would remind me a lot of Pat Metheny! At least I recall a couple of your tracks with great guitarists on them. This one seems to call for guitar! But I love the bass clarinet; don’t get rid of that.

Thanks for sharing it. Now I have to look for that Joni Mitchell documentary!

Thanks, I made it public hopefully will work now…Thinking about the guitar idea too.

Hey, just confirming that I was able to listen to the version without percussion. I’m still in favor of the percussion.

Agree with early21…version without perc works for me…very smooth listen…

Hi Kenny,

the first version wasn’t playable: “private”.
The second one was.

A beautiful reflective piece.
Lovely piano.

Even without hearing the first one,
I would prefer it sans perc. :wink:

I’m with you: Ms Mitchell is inspiring.


She just had her birthday, I hear she is improving healthwise, perhaps your cool vibes reached her… :wink:

Lovely tribute, well done.


Jet thanks so much for listening! I marked both as private to keep them under the radar till I figured which worked, I changed both to public though. Your thoughts are important to me :slight_smile: I am glad to hear you like the sparse version w/o percussion

Very cool composition.

I like the arrangement and orchestration. A soulful, moving composition; thanks for making music that has dynamic range and nuance. Nice engineering. Finished (mixed and mastered) in Cubase?

I enjoyed listening to several of the compositions. Is this all live recording or are you also using some MIDI generated music? Not that it really matters – just curious. It all sounds live and the band and players are swinging. Great stuff, Kenny. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for listening! It is a mix of live and Midi. This piece was done in cubase 7 and mixed/mastered in cubase 8 using an SPL mixdream (analog summing mixer) and I am playing Bass on Trillian/ and Piano is a live unedited midi track using Vienna Imperial Grand run through Vienna Mir and all is run though UAD AKG (which I just got) reverb or UAD 250/140 verbs. I have a couple of other tracks on soundcloud that were recorded live on site and not mixed in Cubase but 90% of my stuff is cubase. The Clarinet was recorded in Pro Tools 10 at Chris West house and Percussion (if I keep it) was the same deal. I started this with just piano improvisation

Again, Kenny, excellent music and playing. I listened to almost all that’s on Sound Cloud and will return to listen some more.

It’s very helpful to my learning process to hear a bit about how you put it all together; thanks for taking the time to explain some of the key elements used in creating these cool sounds. Take care. :slight_smile:

Love the composition and the playing as usual. I didn’t listen to the “perc-less” version, but I do like the additional movement that the percussion adds to the piece so I probably won’t listen to the other version.

Great stuff, and thanks for sharing!


Lovely piece Kenny!
I’m a Joni Mitchell fan as well. :sunglasses:


nice one Kenny that definitely hit the jazz spot ,good recording.