Joy Times Three

I crossgraded to Dorico fron Finale yesterday and to my surprise and excitement Dorico Pro 3 was released today! The numerous new features including guitar fret symbols has finally established Dorico as the leading notation program on the market.

The people over at Makemusic and Avid has got to have some serious worries now.

Anyway, time to discover my new upgrade. Glad to be along on this journey!

What? It was released before the big announcement? :astonished: That’s kind of a turn-off. :frowning:

It means you do not have to compete for server bandwidth with those who have already downloaded it.

it’s ok Stephan; if the demand’s high enough and you start downloading now, you probably won’t actually be able to run it until after the announcement :wink:

Well, I won’t be able to run it at all anyway until I upgrade to MacOS 10.12 at least. I’m just gonna watch this and dream of the day. :slight_smile: