Joy Waltz

Listen freely - Share freely. I hope you like it.
Drums - Groove Agent5, Basses - Halion, Leads - Kontakt, Special Effects - Synthmaster 2

Very interesting!

Looks like a fight between a 3/4 and a 6/8. But obviously, it’s a waltz. It’s really really cool! Very original, it’s joyful, bright and catchy. The instrumentation is very well laid out and well mixed.

I really like!

Thank you for the comment, very happy you enjoyed it.

That was a joy to listen to! I liked how you played with different meters throughout. Drums seemed a little too forward, maybe? But really well done!

Simply Beautiful

Hi Early and Stephco. Thank you very much for the feedback. I have followed both of you for a long time and value your input.

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing!

Are you sure it is not in ‘5’?


Hi Paul, the main theme is 3/4 but other parts jump around a bit.

Thanks Rotku,

The screenshot helped. Did Cubase or Dorico produce those notations?

Personally, I think that you should start the piece at 1:38. This is where the piece is at it’s most coherent.

I have no idea which genre this music falls into? :thinking:



This is very nice. I enjoyed listening to it. As an “old fusion guy” from the early 70’s Mahavishnu heyday, the time signatures and shifts were no problem at all. I found them to make things interesting, and they were very much in service of the music on this piece, and not there to just make you seem clever. I really liked what sounded a bit like a cello too. Fine work here!

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Hi Swetch, thank you for taking the time to reply. I really enjoyed creating this piece.