Joystick not recognized in Nuendo

I notice that joysticks are no longer recognized in Nuendo or Cubase. The ability to manage pans with a joystick is no longer possible? I hope this is not the case because with multichannel mixing or ambsonic it is an indispensable tool.

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I assume you are not talking about a gaming joystick but something attached to a mixing console or remote keyboard?


My joystick is a game joystick logitech extreme 3d pro.
I use the joystick of my sl88 grand master keyboard. but the size of the joysticks is ridiculous. It’s not very intuitive. moreover you have to create a midi remote to use them. by the pass the game joysticks were recognized. I made a ticket to steinberg he asked me to make a screenshot of the devices to see if windows recognizes the joystick and it does.