Joystick panner for ATMOS

Hey guys,

I’m back after soooo long.
Anyway just upgraded to N10 (from N8.3), which we consider our first step into the ATMOS world.
The RMU follows, but at this time we’re looking for a panner that will work.

A friend read somewhere online that people were saying to stay away from the Nuage/JLCooper panner.
Searching myself I found that it’s now called Eclipse.

So where do I find a good/smooth working panner for Nuendo and ATMOS?

Ps. I went for my old Tascam US2400 and though the transport-jog/shuttle and faders are working, the joystick isn’t. So I just put it back into storage.

Ive had joystick pannerd on the S5MC for over ten years.
They work just fine and are motorised (the only ones afaik outside Harrison as they have a patent limiting others from using it). I really don’t use them. I can’t remember when I last did.

Knobs or a touchscreen works better IMO.

Do you think that studios who have an Harrison console do not use their motorized panners ?

Anyway with 3D sound, joysticks are perhaps not the best solution. They lack an intuitive height control.

Something like a 3D mouse would be better.

Hey ErikG,

Thanks for your reply.
Any suggestions for a touchscreens or something similar?
Looking forward to your reply

Hey Helidream,

Thanks for giving us a shout.
Any suggestions for a 3D mouse?
Let me know.

As for touchscreen solution for atmos panning I made one for myself based on Lemur platform. It works good and pretty fast with 5 Ghz WIFI on my ipad3.Tried to make panner based on TouchOSC as well but there was lags and I threw this idea away.
P.S. Fogot the link )

Here is the concept.

Not optimized for sound control nevertheless because it is not an absolute positioning device (no motorized axis).

Ideally should me motorized on three axis.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the input.
For now I’ll check these possibilities out, but will
come back to the table for additional advice
Thanks again

Hello everybody,

of three quarters of a year we have started to develop a SurroundPanner for our Nuage. We have now gone public and are offering this device for sale. Meanwhile, the SurroundPanner is also available as a separate device.
One of the eight encoders can be used for height control.
If you are interested, you can get a picture here.

Many greetings Peter

Hey Peter,

Can you tell us a bit more about pricing?
Is there a manual available? A bit confused about the preset & EQ labeling…
And is there a way we can run this for a spin-test?


hi peter,

interested too. is it only usable within a nuage-rig?


No, there is also a standalone version. The controller is connected via usb, the protocol is midi. But the joystick works in 10bit, with a resolution of 1024 steps.

Basically, an individually designed device according to your own needs is also conceivable.

Hello Fredo…

The price is 790,- incl. tax.
There is no instruction manual yet, but in the future there will be a video explaining the functions.

The buttons 3 - 4 are each assigned to two functions, Preset A and Preset B. Preset A activates the functions “Solo, Mute, Read, Write” of the selected channel. Preset B switches on the four bands of the track EQ.
The encoders behave accordingly. When Preset A is called, the encoders control the parameters of the surround panner in Nuendo. Preset B adjusts the frequency and level of the respective bands in the track EQ.
Button one toggles between the two presets.
Button two changes the speed of the encoders.

We are just at the beginning with the release of our devices and we are still far away from a serial production, because the final case design is not finished yet. The first four units have already been sold, another one is currently in production. We could make this available for testing purposes.

Hi Peter greetings.

I’ve missed the last replies, so now I’m getting back to this.
Thanks for this valuable info.
Just curious, is the joystick motorised?
Oh yeah, how and where to place an order
and what is the expected delivery time?

Best regards