Juddery Cursor Line

Gday all.

Strange title I know and it’s going to sound a little ambiguous, but the other night I was just stuffing around on a recording and I bumped the keyboard and must have touched something ( or a combination of some keys ) and the " look " of the tracks changed! They looked squashed and the peaks of the tracks are flattened out. Also the cursor when playing back is " juddery " it doesn’t move smoothly, the sound is fine it just moves weird.

Again any info would be handy as the history doesn’t mention any strange key stroke.


Is this what you mean: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=102966

Gday James K. Yeah, sort of mate. Maybe not as bad as that. Was your audio affected with this issue as mine isn’t. Also the peaks on the track are flattened out at the top. It doesn’t matter if I make the tracks bigger it still flattens out. Weird. I might just delete this whole project and start again as the other songs I have are not affected.

There is a slider in the upper right that adjusts the magnification of the waveform display. Doesn’t effect the actual wave, just what it looks like.

Thanks raino.

I’ll give that a go before I delete the whole project. I must have done some random hand movement ( had a couple of beers that night so who knows!! )