Jump bar command bug?

I have a reproducible bug, at least for my machine.

If I press J, then start to type “beam together” and click to execute the command, it works. The next time I press J, it loads that same command, but it doesn’t work by simply pressing Enter. If I Escape and press J again, then Enter, this time it works.

Diagnostics? It’s not project-specific.

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That one seems to work fine for me but I have another one:

Change Bar Consolidation (either of them) doesn’t reappear when I hit J a second time.

We’ve had occasional reports like this, and I’m aware that this does go wrong sometimes, but as yet I’ve not been able to figure out what the problem is. It’s on my radar.

One little clue you probably have seen: If I have just had a Jump Bar command fail, the next time I hit J it comes up empty, showing that its last input was empty.

My workaround for now to repeat the same command is to delete the last character before hitting Enter. That forces Dorico to find it afresh.


It’s very random though. Sometimes the same command wouldn’t work upon jogging J the second time (I had it with duplicate to staff below), but next time I opened Dorico it worked flawlessly again with the same command…