Jump bar keyboard short cuts

The menu item is there in Keyboard commands but no commands can be set.

I want to change the default jump window when Dorico is launched to the ‘go to’ tab instead of the ‘commands’ tab. Is this possible?

Don’t you need to select the sun mode first? You haven’t selected either one to assign a key command, so of course the boxes are greyed out.

They can’t be activated. When selected, I can’t add any key commands to either the ‘Jump Bar Commands Mode’ or the ‘Jump Bar Goto Mode’. And, forgive me, what do you mean by ‘sun’ mode?

Well, for whatever reason, things seem to be working, as far as assigning key commands. As for assigning them to the Jump Bar submenu items, they don’t work. Sigh.

It was supposed to say sub-mode but autocorrect decided to be “helpful”.

Ah. Autocorrect is rarely correct and mostly AutoGotcha.

Isn’t that the truth!

There’s a funny joke about autocorrect but I’ve forgotten the lunchtime.