Jump Bar not working

In trying to figure out to get the Jump bar to work on my computer. From researching it in trying to get it to work, I’m starting to really appreciate it’s potential. But, alas I can’t get any response to pressing the j key. I’ve got version 4.3 on a Windows machine. I can’t see that any key commands conflict with it. When I go to Preferences>Key Commands>Jump Bar There is no “j” there, nor will it let me add one. I can put a “j” in Jump Bar Commands Mode, but it doesn’t do anything.

See what shortcut you have assigned to UI > Show Jump Bar in the Key Commands page of Preferences.

Hi Daniel,

Let see. When I go to Edit>Preferences>Key Commands>UI>Show Jump Bar, it shows no shortcuts. When I try to add a ‘j’ , It says this key sequence is already assigned to Edit>Go To next Flow Do you want to remove it from that command and assign it to UI>Show Jump Bar? I click OK. I then try ‘j’, but nothing happens. When I retrace my steps, there is no shortcut showing for Show Jump Bar. I’ve then tried going to Edit>Go To next Flow and deleting the ‘j’ and adding it to the Show Jump Bar. But nothing.

Try quitting Dorico, then in Windows Explorer going to %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 4. Hopefully you’ll see in there a file called keycommands_en.json. Move this file out of that folder, then restart Dorico. You should now be running with the default key commands. Does the jump bar now work?

Yes, it does.
Darn, that means that I need to re-enter all my custom key commands, doesn’t it?

In that regard, is there a way to get a listing of just the custom key commands that have been entered? (It wouldn’t be such a big deal of putting them back in again if there was a list to work from)

You can inspect the keycommands_en.json file you moved – it’s fairly human-readable. If there were a lot of them, it would be faster to put that file back where it was and just make sure you have J assigned to the Jump Bar. Daniel was just trying to make sure you could get the Jump Bar working normally.

Mark, I didn’t mean to come off critical. I appreciate Daniel for this solution, and for all the other solutions he has provided for all of us. I was just momentarily overwhelmed with the idea of sorting the custom key commands out. But, then I realized I could simply print off the Key Command map, and just ID’ed those that I had put in. I’ve done that and entered them back in. So all is good, and I can now start to make use of the Jump Bar.

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I would have suggested taking a look at your keycommands_en.json file and seeing if we could figure out exactly what you’d done that prevented the jump bar from working. It’s an academic exercise now, but if you still have the file and want to zip it up and attach it here, I can take a look and tell you what it was you had done that stopped it from working.

keycommands_en.zip (952 Bytes)

Hi Daniel, I did just move my old file out of that folder, so I have it. I would be curious what went wrong with it.

Thanks for attaching your shortcut file. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the mystery! There’s nothing in your custom shortcuts that should stop the jump bar from working, and indeed when I install your shortcuts file on my own system, I find that I can still open the jump bar just fine.

It will remain a mystery, but, I guess I’m happy that it wasn’t something stupid that I did.
Thanks for checking it out.