Jump bar repeating same command

Hi all,

I select some music, press J, and RNA for Respell Notes Automatically. Done.
Then I select some music again, and press J. Respell Notes Automatically is still there, but if now just press enter, nothing happens. Do I have to do something here in order to run the same command again, or do I have to retype it?


This glitches for me with every command and had since at least the most recent update, so it’s not just you or just that command.


OK, thanks, good to know!

This was repaired as of Dorico 4.3.11, as I recall from the Version History. But I’m still experiencing it, to a lesser degree. Specifically with the Edit Single Lyric command (to which I’ve added the alias “esl”), which I’m using in rapid succession in my current project (to add a load of ℣ signs to individual lyrics): I invoke with J, hit esl, and hit Return, and all is well. With the next lyric, I hit J, and “Edit Single Lyric” is pre-populated; I hit Return and all is well. But after that, I hit J, and “Edit Single Lyric” is still pre-populated; but I hit Return and get nothing. Then I hit J again, but Filter all lyrics is pre-populated. That command works when I hit Return, but I don’t want that command.

This isn’t the case with all Jump Bar commands, but it is with this one, at least for me.

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I almost posted about this two days ago. I am experiencing the same thing. The command will work for me twice in succession, but no more, unless I delete and retype the command, at which point it works again.

So far I’m unable to reproduce this, but I will keep an eye out for i.

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This is happening to me now with additional commands—or rather one additional command that I can recall and was able to document as it happened. Calling up Condensing Change with the jump bar and using the pre-populated command sometimes fails for me after one pre-populated use. (I have Condensing Change alias-ed as “cc”, for what it’s worth.) This time it failed by throwing up the error box “Please select at least one note… to transpose the whole flow.” And sure enough, after dismissing said box and invoking the jump bar again, “Transpose” was pre-populated. So it sounds like when this occurs, part of the puzzle is that the pre-populated command isn’t displaying the command that is actually going to execute.

I recently got to the bottom of this problem, and a fix will be included in the next update, when it comes.