Jump Bar Request

The jump bar is a most useful tool. As it is developed futher, could it include Go To Rehearsal Number, please? Unless I am mistaken, at present it is only possible to have Go To Rehearsal Mark… which only accepts letters as data. (I have both in my current score.)



IIRC Daniel mentioned something about this. You can jump to numbers, but only if letters are not also present (and vice versa)

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LOL Brilliant! I missed that one…


My normal use case is to have A1, A2, … B1, B2, … Would be great for Dorico to be able to understand rehearsal marks apart from single alpha characters. I don’t think my usage is uncommon or rare (I could be wrong!) Although you can enter them, sure, it would be great to be able to ‘go to’ or jump to a specific RM.