Jump bar: set "Go To" as default? Go to rehearsal mark in flow?

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, yadda yadda…

Can I set “Go To” as the default, so I don’t have to click it?

Can I go to a flow and a rehearsal mark in that flow with one jump bar command? e.g. f3rd (doesn’t work) for rehearsal mark D in the third flow.

At the moment, no, you can’t. Dorico will remember that choice within the application session, but it doesn’t save it between sessions.

There’s no shortcut for “flow + rehearsal mark” at the moment, but I’ll make a note of it and try to add it at some point soon.


I would be interested in this too.
Probably the only way would be to separate the Command and GoTo functions into separate modules.
It might be worth asking the team to consider it… one of the most tedious things about editing and proofreading is the constant scrolling, especially if you are trying to do it on a laptop! So anything that speeds up navigation would be very welcome!