Jump bar: unable to use arrows because they are set as key commands

Jump bar has to be my favorite Dorico 4 feature, but I’m not able to use it too well right now because I have my up&down arrows set to move notes and when I press those keys to select jump bar items, my selected notes move down as well. Any chance other key commands could be suspended while jump bar is open?

That should already be the case. Obviously the up and down arrow keys always perform a command in Dorico by default anyway, which is hopping the selection up and down, and that certainly doesn’t happen for me when I use the arrow keys to select items in the jump bar’s pop-up list.

This is what I have.
screen rec

It would make sense to suspend the other key commands while in the jump bar. I use arrows the same as @CMS_LU.

That is in fact precisely what Dorico is doing, so we need to figure out why that’s not working for you. Can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? That will include your custom key commands files, so I can see exactly what you have mapped.

Here it is!
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (554.1 KB)

Thanks – there is some subtlety to the way the arrow keys in particular are handled as shortcuts, so this will need some careful thought. We will hopefully have a fix for this in the first maintenance release.