Jump Bar

It would be amazing if Cubase/Nuendo adds the Jump Bar feature from Dorico. For those who haven’t used Dorico, the Jump Bar a search function that let’s you perform almost any command inside of the program.



Yes. One of Doricos more genius inventions. +1

I’ve only seen it in a video when Dorico was release, but immediately wanted to have it in Cubase, too.
I think I made a similar feature requests here years ago, regarding an integrated command line in Cubase… still hasn’t happened :frowning:

That’s cool! I’ve only ever seen that feature in AutoCad.

In the past I’ve used (the on the verge of retirement) Generic Remote and a Virtual MIDI Cable to do something similar, assuming I understand the request. I assume this method could be changed to use MIDI Remote.

  1. Create a Virtual MIDI Cable with something like LoopMIDI
  2. In the Generic Remote assign the Command to a MIDI Message
  3. In the Generic Remote set its input to the Virtual MIDI Cable
  4. In the Project add a MIDI Track with its output set to the Virtual Cable
  5. Now if you put the MIDI Message on the MIDI Track it should cause the Command to execute when it hits it

The Jump Bar is more like a single line console where you type commands using your computer keyboard.
This video should explain it better.

Your idea of routing a MIDI track back to Generic Remote made me curious though. I can see it being useful in a live situation. May I ask how/what you used this technique for?

I didn’t really. I just figured out how to do it to help someone on the forum. I don’t even recall what they were trying to accomplish - it was well before Covid times. The only practical use I can think of is having a song auto-stop after it plays when using Cubase for a live performance. I suppose you could make an ersatz Arranger Track that’s clunkier than the real thing. It’s kind of like Automating Key Commands. Too bad there’s not a good use-case for it - because you could make it pretty slick to use in conjunction with a Drum Map. The Drum Names become Commands & you just drop a drum-hit when you want to execute one.

Yeah the Jump Bar does look useful. Hopefully it gets ported into Cubase. Sure would make it easier to find infrequently used stuff.

seems great!
Iy would combine perfectly with more key commands and options to create more complex macros and PLE

Yep, a command shell combined with a powerful macro language would indeed be awesome.
I found my FR from back then:

The jump bar goes in the right direction, but the possibilities of a real scripting language and a command line are endless… (in my post I suggested something like powershell, but I’d also take ECMAscript or python or lua…)

I’ve been secretly hoping that the new MIDI Remote can serve as a general scripting platform for Cubase. It already has access to all key commands in addition to controlling VST parameters. It could serve as a super charged PLE if allowed.

Giving this a bump, come on people - vote, this would be such a great addition. :slight_smile:

Please Vote, folks