Jump between markers with Midi?


Me and my band are looking to set up a cubase project for our live shows.

Our idea was to have an external USB multi Pad hardware as the Akai MPD 218 to program it with MIDI to be able to have each pad assigned to one marker in the project which would be the begin of each song. This way our drummer would have the Akai next door and be able to press each pad depending on the song we would like to play.

Also, is there any option to program a marker so that when a song is finished the projects stops?

I’m a Cubase 8.5.3 Pro User.

Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, you would do this using the Generic Remote which is one of the more complex areas in Cubase. Read the manual section on it several times and seek out some videos on the topic (sorry no recommendations). Also the biggest gotcha is that you must save your setup to a file or all your changes will be lost the next time Cubase is run.

If you happen to have an iPad available you should check out Metagrid.

Also until I got Metagrid I used a regular wireless computer keyboard to control Cubase remotely via Key Commands from my vocal mic location. Super cheap solution. One potential gottcha is that in a gig environment it might be too easy to accidentally hit keys that causes stuff to happen that you don’t want. One way around that would be to have a gig KC preset that only has the handful of commands needed while playing and nothing else.

Sorry no way to cause it to stop at the end that I know outside of a KC command to actually tell Cubase to stop. However you should look into the Arranger Track (which I seldom use) and also Cycle Markers to see if they can help.

Hi Horosh, did you have any luck with this? Looks like something I’d want to do. In fact, I’m still struggling trying to figure out how to use Cubase Pro for live MIDI shows. Can you possibly give a brief outline of what you’re doing? Currently when I create songs I’m doing each as its own project. Sounds like your method puts all your songs in one big project??