jump in from le4 to full version 7+

having a gas with le4 for a few years .a musical fanatic yes .a daw fanatic .no… fun learning curve though.use/understand probably 30% of le4 potential.why waste time?i am willing to roll the sleeves up and take this medium to another level.any suggestions .would i be over my head with the newest full version 7.5 or 8 ?using presonus fp10 interface .would that also need to be ebayed and up graded? already worked hard enough understanding the daw language .had to figure it out completely on my own.my head smoked once and a while.i didn’t have the language basics even basic p.c protocol was in question. love to know if there may be a smoother transition for a nuaive operator? the dough is not an issue. any insight would be sooooo appreciated !!

Cubase 7.5 is discontinued now, Cubase Pro 8 is the current top of the line. Personally, I find that the major functions for recording are the same between the different versions of Cubase, but the higher versions do add in extended features. The biggest difference between LE4 and Cubase Pro 8 would likely be the Mixer. In CP8, the Mixer is much more configurable to your preference including resizing and hiding unwanted sections.

I’d suggest doing the trial of Cubase Pro 8 (requires an eLicense USB key) or Cubase Elements 8 (works with the internal Soft eLicense) from http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/trial.html to see the new features in action.