"Jumping"dynamics question

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I have noticed the dynamics are “jumping” in a piano sketch I am working on for a piece. I have my piano sketch as a grand staff- treble and bass. clef, but I have different dynamics sometimes in each clef. I am curious, what am I doing wrong to where the dynamics “jump?” In the example image here, measure 11-13 is the focus. In the bass clef, it crescendos (from “p” from measure 5) to “mp,” but at the start of the crescendo, it jumps to a louder volume and then at measure 13 where it should be “mp,” it drops down ion volume… In the treble clef, at the start of. the crescendo on measure 11 (starts at “mp” at measure 5), it jumps up in volume and then decreases in volume at measure 13 when it should go to “mf.” I see in the dynamics window, there are some weird things happening, for instance “mf” at measure 11, but it should not be there.

It can be difficult to tell whether dynamics are correctly voice-specific (we know this is not ideal and it’s something we plan to improve in future), so it could be that either or both of the sets of dynamics here are not correctly applying only to one voice. Another possibility is that you are using a playback device that doesn’t support independent dynamics on separate staves: for example, NotePerformer does not. You may need to activate independent voice playback in Play mode to enable correct playback of per-voice dynamics.

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Is there a way to automate the Master fader (dynamics or tempo) in the same way one can automate the various other mixer channels?

Thanks for the info. I was use a piano sound from Virtual Drumline, through Kontakt 7. It’s not really a problem at the moment, as when I orchestrated the parts to other instruments, the playback worked correctly.

No, there’s no way to do this.

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