Jumping to selected item when changing tempo mode

If I select a notation item and scroll to a different location in the score, Dorico jumps back to the selection when changing the tempo mode (fixed tempo vs. follow tempo). This only seems to happen if a tempo mark is present somewhere. Is this intended behavior? To me, it occurred quite unexpectedly while editing a score.

Not directly related to this issue: It would be great if the tempo value could be changed by directly typing in the numbers instead of having to increase/decrease them with the mouse.

I don’t find this to be the case, Martin. If you have a project and a set of steps that would allow me to reproduce this behaviour, please post it here. Thanks!

Daniel, at the risk of being a pain in your backside,

  1. Open the Rameau Pigmalion Suite demo file.
  2. Select the first note of the pickup bar (bar 0) in the Violons 1 stave (not that it matters what you select).
  3. Scroll a couple of pages to the right.
  4. Hit the crotchet in the Transport.

No, that doesn’t reproduce the problem for me.

Weird. It definitely does here.

I think playback is the required additional step.
I’ve just tried this with the Akinola Dorico Prelude, a MusicXML file and a random file that Dan Kreider posted a week or two ago:

  1. Open a file (I guess stick with the Rameau or the Akinola).
  2. Select a note.
  3. Hit Play.
  4. Hit Stop.
  5. Scroll a couple of pages to the right.
  6. Hit the crotchet in the Transport.

Nope, I"m afraid not.

Oh well. I know how to reproduce it here so if there’s anything useful I can upload (diagnostics? application log?) do let me know.

Thanks for having a look at this, Daniel and pianoleo. I could reproduce the issue with all documents I tested so far. It occurs in layout, write (page and galley view), engrave and play mode. Here are the steps I take to reproduce it (almost the same as pianoleo’s):

  • Open the attached document
  • Click “play” to start playback and wait a few seconds
  • Click “play” to stop playback
  • Select a rest in the first measure
  • Scroll the page/view so that the selection leaves the visible area
  • Change tempo mode by clicking on the quarter note in the top panel

This works reliably on both of my Dorico installations (Dorico 3.0.10, Windows 10).
empty.zip (421 KB)

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ve been able to reproduce this on Windows now and can see what the problem is. We’ll take care of it.

Great. Thanks for the confirmation and the fantastic support.

For what it’s worth, last night I was reproducing it on Mac…