Juno D Patch Scripts for mac

Hi guys , This is my first post and really need some help. I am in charge of a music department that is moving from PC to Mac. We have a trial run of Cubase 9 with an Mac Airbook. Seems like Cubase is running so far, so good. But there is a major problem that could stop us from updating 15 new computers to Cubase. The hardware Synth we use is a Roland Juno D, the Juno D .txt patch script file that we imported in an older version of Cubase 4 on a PC computer is not recognized when trying to import that same file into a Mac Book Air running Cubase 9. The patch script is essential for running my class because the students compose multitrack files that contain multi instrument sounds that need to be recalled to the Juno D when they come back on a different day. The PC vesion of the Roland Juno D patchscript file is not reconized when trying to import it into the Midi Device import Cubase menu. I see the file but when I click it it is grey out and can not be selected or imported. I have searched the web looking for a solution but so far no luck. The patch script file is a standard .txt file that I just don’t understand why the Macbook Air does not reconize the, Juno D ,txt file that was created on a PC. Thanks guys, any insight and help is greatly appreciated!

As far as I know the format for PC patch lists are the same as for Mac, but I’m not entirely sure. Could attach the JunoD.txt that came from the PC and one that was installed with Cubase on the Mac? So I can compare and see if something is preventing the list from loading properly? I know a wrong or missing bracket or a little deviation from the standard can cause such behavior.