Just a bit p***** off

Yep am a wee bit annoyed that just a few days after buying the Allen Morgan VST instrument Vols 1 & 2 that the associated midi loops will no longer preview play from media bay. I’m guessing this is because groove agent one (which these packs were set up for) is longer part of C8. To get the loops to play I have to drop into the project window to even hear them. Also I can’t drag directly from media bay onto Groove Agent SE I have to drag from the project window. I can select the drum kits within Groove Agent SE but not the associated patterns.I have to follow the above to even preview.

+1 here. I have both Allen Morgan kits too and can now only play the audio samples, midi loops are now useless it seems…

you have Groove Agent one in Cubase 8 complete Instal in the “Additional Content” folder

Thanks for that HS87!
I did as you suggested and all is now working!
Had to copy and paste the GA 1 vst file into the Cubase vst folder.

It actually tells you in the Pdf guides with the full installer to copy H1 across :wink:

I know, RTFM every time…

sorted.Additional content folder.

didnt get it…
i don’t see in the manual or in the additional content folder how to install GA1 !
should i move the 2 GA1 files somewhere in cubase 8 folder ? (GA1 shows in C7.5 but not in C8 )
EDIT: OK solved , had to copy both files to vst3 folder in cubase 8

In Cubase 8.5 in folder “Additiona Content” are only presets.

Groove Agent One has to be downloaded manually from here:

After download you will find information where to copy plugin files. Readme.txt:


Move the files 'Groove Agent ONE.vst3' and 'Groove Agent ONE.bin' from the 32-bit and/or 64-bit folder to the corresponding VST3 folder within the Cubase program folder on your system. These are the paths for Cubase 8:  

32-bit: Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase 8/VST3
64-bit: Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 8/VST3

Next time you start Cubase 8 (or Cubase Artist 8 or later), Groove Agent ONE will be available. 

Please note that Groove Agent ONE is only officially supported in Cubase 5 through Cubase 7.5.