Just a little post to tell you guys and the mods here that I feel welcome :)

Hello all,

I recently bought Nuendo and as my first real DAW for video audio-mixing it has been quite a tour figuring out how it works. But I have and this forum has been a good help. I have visited this forum occasionally and I’m just surprised by how nice it is. It’s really clear, answers show up easily on Google. When I first came on this site I thought, woah, nice forum. Than I saw it was actually the official Steinberg forum. I noticed slick features like the timeline on the top right and just how easy the threads were on the eyes.

Now I have an account I see even more cool features and amazing settings. Automatically unpin stickies when I read the whole thread?! Also just reading stuff I found interesting stories and useful explanations. What a lovely place this is. So, just for that, I want to say, thanks, I feel really welcome to browse and read stuff on here :grin:



Welcome. I’m sure everyone will continue to love you so long as you don’t post hourly feature requests. :v: