Just a note on Nuendo and the Intel 13th gen processors

I haven’t had a lot of chance to play with Nuendo on my new workstation yet but so far, it works real well. Despite what Steinberg says, there appears to be no need to disable the E-cores on the CPU. It works just fine with all 24 cores enabled. I can even run 64 sample buffers on my RME if I want, still fine.

One thing I did notice is that if you have your power plan set to balanced, so that Windows can park CPUs and throttle speeds, it seems to have a lot more effect on how much the realtime load bounces around than it did on past CPUs. If you put it in high power so they all run at max speeds, it has no issues.

That was always the best idea for DAWs, but it seems to matter more on this new generation.

Either way, if you want one I wouldn’t worry about Nuendo compatibility, it seems fine. At least on Windows 11. Do note that Windows 11 has a better scheduler than Windows 10 for these CPUs so results under Windows 10 could be worse.


Yeah I can confirm it doesn’t work very well on Windows 10. Got a 13th gen a couple of months ago and had to disable the E-cores for stability, and as soon as I did that everything was fine. Still a blazing fast computer though. Glad to hear it works well with Win 11! I’m about to upgrade mine pretty soon.

Possibly good also for those who use cpu affinity utilities.