Just A Notion

A little free form jazz guitar. Did this years back so my technology wasn’t as refined. I believe it was on VST 5.
This is from my CD “From My Lix To Your Ears”.


i like that blunt jazz guitar sound. Reminds me of Joe Pass.

Great work, it would surely stand on its on w/o the keyboards :slight_smile:

Very Nice! Great tone. Is that a Fender or Gibson guitar?

well, how cool and laid back can you get?..great piece of music, really enjoyed it, Kevin

@ monsterjazzlicks … Thanks for that comparison! I’d take that as a compliment anytime! Joe Pass is a jazz icon!

@ kzarider … Thanks again my friend! When I recorded this track, I was going to keep it virgin. The string and horn accompaniment was an afterthought. Most of it was guitar synth.

@ Mr M … Thanks! I play a Washburn KC90. It’s a 3 pickup solid body electric. It was plugged directly into my interface via a Digitech RP21D processor. I used that for a tube preamp.

@ Kevin … I’m glad you enjoyed this piece and I appreciate your sentiment! I sincerely think this was sent to me by my Dad who is in the great hands of the good Lord.

Sounds really nice, I didn’t think the strings added much and perhaps some balance from viola/cello to the right ear would help. Guitar sounds great anyway, nice tone, nice feeling and nice chords :smiley: Cool hat too. :sunglasses:

Thanks Jonathan! I so want to redo those strings with my newer technology. I did these years ago with a Roland guitar synth. It gave me the structure I wanted but everything else can be improved upon.

Do it, it’d be great to hear :wink:

really tasteful!