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Hi!, could you tellme why the steinberg team doesnt have any interest in the mexican market?, I have a professional recording studio, I bought 2 licences of nuendo and cubse 6 recently, I m a teacher in audio productions schools here, and I recommend to my students to buy steinberg products, however we have only one distributor in the country and they have a “half” solutions in this area, they cannot manage the entire support or the entire catalog, or good times to recieve the products, is for that reason that I bought everything directly from the US, but why is this situation???, is discrimination?? or whats the reason?
Thank you

[eating popcorn]

Hi Ferrer,

thanks for your questions. The distribution structure is different from country to country and Steinberg
is anxious to extend the distribution structure every year. I will ask the respective sales team members to
have a comment on this and will let you know.


Hello Timo, …
With all due respect…
This shows exactly what is going wrong, all the time …

Quote Timo:
I will ask the respective sales team members to have a comment on this and will let you know.
End Quote

The proper response for this slackness should be:

" Don’t panic, man, when you hear this enourmes bang…
It is just my boot hitting the bottoms of those slowpokes, over there.!"

We are not the '68 Generation, are we ??



Ferrer first posted about this on April 8th. He explained clearly what his problem was.

I was trying to upgrade my nuendo 4 to nuendo 5 online and Icoulnd’t becuase Im in Mexico and appear a message “Look for your local distributor” I contact the only one distributor in my country and they say “Oh I dont Know about your upgrade, I just sell the full version” > :unamused: > Then What can I do? What’s your suggestion here?

It is now June 1st, and Timo is saying he’s going to talk to the distributors. Almost two full months later after a second thread.

I tried to help to no avail. I tried to point it out on the forum to “encourage” an official response which only yielded a deleted post.

You guys had the option of either ignoring this user and deleting my post, or just sell the guy the upgrade he wanted to buy.

And here you are almost two months later saying you’re going to “look into it”…

I mean, seriously?

A meeting of four Nuendo studio owners, here in Munich, resulted in this pronunciamento:

  1. Wake up…SB
  2. Get streetwise sales management …
  3. Ramp up ( or start ) your promotion scheme …
  4. Start tackling your competitors …

This meeting was held in 2004…

Gewöhnlich glaubt der Mensch, wenn er nur Worte hört, es müsse sich dabei doch auch was denken lassen.
J. W. v. Goethe (1749 - 1832 )

[zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz] … [cough]

[wakes up, a week later]


Here’s a tip Timo:

If you try to contact a distributor s_o that he can sell your product_ on his market because a potential client is complaining that he won’t sell it, and you haven’t heard from the guy in a week, it’s probably time to:

a) Get rid of the distributor and get a new one, or
b) Keep that dud, but get another distributor interested in selling your product, or
c) Sell the potential customer what he wants from somewhere else

Somehow the above doesn’t strike me as being on the same difficulty level as building one of these:

Though I could be wrong.

And perhaps you guys could sit down over a Schnitzel and Franziskaner (it is summer after all) and think about if you are even in the business of selling your products…(?)

Nice to see NOTHING has changed since last here :laughing:

Big K’s 2004 meeting says it all


Did you end up getting help???

Hi Lydiot, The awnser is No, Im sorry but now understand why a lot of people use protools, maybe because they (the company) are close of them, I love Steinberg products but at this time I think that “it doesnt matter” in fact I dont think that they have any interest to change the things here in Mexico. But Thanks again for your support and your interest in the growing of the recording industry in anyplace of the world. :slight_smile:


Timo, do you guys even understand how this looks?

Out really looks like you guys don’t care at all about users. Heck, at this rate I.could do the sales job better than Steinberg for less money. Our at least just as bad…




It’s only been three months…


Screw your distributors. They suck the world over. Well a couple of big ones like the USA might be ok. But seriously - like I have been saying for years. Do a webshop properly, no special rules for where you live. Distributors can still sell product just like avid does - but those who don’t live in a big centre/city with a well stocked steinberg shelf can still give you all their $$ easily. I just cannot understand how you believe still that an open (all products, all upgrades, no rules on where you live) webshop will harm your business. Come join us in the current decade guys, it’s nice in here :wink:


as you know, Steinberg currently has only one distributor in Mexico. We do not want to ignore the mexican market, but expansion is not going that fast in every region of the world. There are certain dependencies with regards to the distribution. Sometimes we’re represented by Yamaha Corp., sometimes via distributors, in Europe mostly via direct dealer business. It’s not that easy too “choose” a distributor - and that’s it, as it is often seen from the outside. Depending on the market size, we have to think about warehouses (as we have in the US for example) and how the purchasing structure can look like. This is becoming more challenging when you have more than one stakeholder in a specific region. It’s the current situation and of course, we’d love to improve the availability of our products in future. But it will simply take additional time and I cannot tell you more about our distribution plan at this stage. u

By the way, it has nothing to do with something that was discussed in 2004 or so. In Europe for example, in 2009 we’ve changed the distribution structure. We’ve hired more than 20 new sales people to establish an even closer relationship to dealers and this has worked pretty well. But it cannot be realized in each and every region at the same time.


When you’re part of a Corporation that is doing business in various areas worldwide (and not a small
two-man operation we’ve been 25 years ago), such comments on your business partners would kick
you out of the door, immediately.