Just a thank you!


I just pulled the trigger on SL 7, I was waiting for the Black Friday sale.

I tested it few months back and asked many questions here, that were all answered in a blink of an eye by the support team, and of course like everybody was trying to understand who was the best between SL 7 and Izotope RX. Which is not fair as fundamentally the approach is different, and both soft have different history, philosophy and goal.
At the end of the day, I trust SL & Steinberg, the seamless integration in Cubase is priceless and I am sure SL being part of the Steinberg family we can expect a way more aggressive roadmap that will make SL way better at what RX does, and more. The SL angle to give more control and of course the visualisation aspect gives foundations to go beyond audio repair and ne more creative.

Long story short, Bravo Robin ! Your “baby” is killer & will beat the competition hands down soon, if it’s not the case already.

Have a great day!

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+1 As a long-time Steinberg user and a user of SL since the Sony days, then MAGIX, I was so happy to see SL move to Steinberg (and by extension Yamaha), who really “get it”! Well done to Robin and all at Steinberg.

I also have had SLP since version 1. I’ve also bought RX5 (possibly even 4) onwards, the later purchases being Adv - though I haven’t gone to 8 from 7.

As gorguts6 says, SLP and RX have different approaches. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve always found SLP much easier to use for manual tasks like ‘highlight/delete’ and ‘copy’paste’ with the clone stamp - probably I’m just more comfortable with it due to regular use. While RX can do that also, RX is more aimed at auto fixing audio via its many plugins (VST also for many of them).

In my opinion, both products are excellent and I wouldn’t want to be without either because of their different specialised functions.

So I also thank the SpectraLayer Pro team for the ongoing development of SLP.

Me neither … SL7 made the upgrade to RX 8 unnecessary for me, for now.

I agree totally. Different horses for different courses.

Izotope seem to be leading the pack in making their mastering programs more like DAW’s, to appeal to a pop-oriented, younger crowd with more disposable income, I guess. I’m just not interested in things like guitar-string de-squeakers, one-button “exciters”, stem-separators(!), and other wonderful stuff like that.

Thanks for the kind words !
For what it’s worth, I also feel like SpectraLayers is finally home at Steinberg. They understand it, and seem to have a clear vision for its future.

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