Just activated Cubase AI today (MG20XU) but there no Cubase to use

I completed signed up, downloaded and activated account. All for the purpose of using Cubase as a DAW for Mixer MG20XU. After went back and forth I saw few times that said activation was complete. There are plenty of Steinberg action icons. Too many, to be honest! But there is no Cubase program to use.
Please note that I think I did download and installed Cubase once, long long time ago. I might used different email. However, the Download Access Code is the only group I have. I bought 2 MGxxXU Mixers. Must I deactivate the old one? Can I install in more than 1 PC? Why not say so? Why everything is so abbreviated and grey?
The bottom line is, I need Cubase soon. Someone posted on web that I should click another choice (licensed one?)

It should show in the download manager. There you can download it and then run it.