Just activated Nuendo 11/12 (grace) no N11 License?

i just activated my Nuendo 11 License and it directly grace-updated into N12.

Is there a way to still get a N11 activation code for the E-licenser ?
Working on a project that requiers N11 from my client.

I know i was able to keep my C11 License after upgrading to C12.
I already contacted support a week ago but havent got an answer yet. Maybe someone could tell me, if iam eligible for N11 at all.
Thx and best wishes

Almost certainly Support will refuse your request for a Nuendo 11 licence; that is what has happened in other similar cases reported on the forums. The rule with Steinberg activations is that you get the latest version at the time you activate, not the version you purchased. This means you activated as Nuendo 12 on Steinberg Licensing, not on Nuendo 11 on eLicenser with a grace period update to Nuendo 12 on Steinberg Licensing.

You are not the first person to hit the problem where a newly purchased or updated licence does not give access to a needed older version. I don’t think Steinberg has a mechanism to issue non-upgradable eLicenser licences - their position seems to be that you get them only if you carry out an update from an eLicenser version to a Steinberg Licensing version and they cannot issue them in any other circumstances.

I recently had to reformat my machine, which had two non-upgradable eLicenser licenses on a soft eLicenser (Dorico Pro 3.5 and Backbone) as well as two on my USB eLicenser (Nuendo 11 and WaveLab Pro 11). I could see that there was no option on the eLicenser reactivation page on My Steinberg to reactivate the Dorico Pro and Backbone eLicenser licences, so I moved them to the USB eLicenser before reformatting. Had I not done so, I think I would have lost the Dorico Pro and Backbone eLicenser licences. The chances are that I will never need them, as I cannot see any reason to step back from Dorico Pro 4 or Backbone 1.5 to an earlier version. Nevertheless, it seemed best to preserve them just in case.

I have a faint recollection that there are no problems interworking between Nuendo 11 and Nuendo 12 so long as you don’t use any version 12-only features. However, others here will have a deeper knowledge of any pitfalls than I do.

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Thanks for the info.
Had i only known this, i would have activated N11 right away when i bought it.
Thats quite a bummer as in my case i already told my client that i have a working N11 license. Now i’ll have to explain that.
My client is also very particular when it comes to possible compatibility issues as we work on very time critical projects.

I expected that i had to activate my N11 first anyway before upgrading that particular license, just as it was with C11 to 12.

That’s interesting and unfortunate at the moment. We purchased 9 Nuendo upgrades from 10 to 11 and have not activated 2 of them because the daws are on shows and I didn’t have access to them. Our daw business model is based on moving elicensers around, connecting them to the internet to move licenses is not an option at this time. Not sure how I’m going to proceed but due to this issue those two systems cannot move past Nuendo 10.

Please take a look here:

Hello Romantique_Tp,
I appreciate your link, I’m familiar with that process. Unfortunately Steinberg’s removal of eLicenser as an option is a problem for us and if this thread is accurate I’m unable to activate two of our purchased N11 licenses to eLicenser because Nuendo no longer uses eLicensers even for licenses purchased under the eLicenser terms. I continue to hope I’m inaccurate in my conclusion.

Short version -
The issue is - with significant numbers of daws deployed all over the world for different purposes every show, having the licenses on eLicensers and iLoks works well for us. Powering up a daw in the shop to transfer licenses is not effective with shop personnel, physically moving eLicensers and iLoks is effective.

Long version -
We have 9 Nuendo eLicensers, 6 PT-Ultimate iLoks, probably around 6 or so PT-Studio iLoks, and quite a few Video Sync (Slave) and audio plugin iLoks. At a guess without checking we have perhaps 25 daws in all different form factors - rack mount with triple-madi interfaces, laptop with Madi, NUC bolted to the back of a monitor, laptop with analog, etc. For interfaces we have triple-Madi MadiFX cards, triple-Madi HDMadi+HDX, MadiFace USB, UFX+, Focusrite analog, etc., plus BlackMagic capture cards.

Each television show is different and requires a different combination of gear and licenses. Most daws have all software installed, QC’d, and sitting on the shelf with their “home” licenses - eLicenser or iLok.
One of us gets an email from a television production asking if we have two portable laptop Nuendo dubbers (always run a primary and backup!) with 2 Madi interfaces each; our laptop daws with their Nuendo home licenses are out working so I have the shop folks do the following -
A - Open up two rack-mount daw cases and pull the eLicensers.
B - Put the eLicensers in the laptop case shipping out.
C - Add the dual-Madi interfaces. Done.

It’s a significant hardship at this time to do the following -
A - Pull two donor daws out of their cases.
B - Power up one donor daw on the bench.
C - Connect the donor daw to the internet.
D - Release the license.
E - Power up the other donor daw on the bench.
F - Connect the donor daw to the internet.
G - Release the license.
H - Pull the two recipient daws out of their case.
I - Power up one recipient daw on the bench.
J - Connect the recipient daw to the internet.
K - Transfer the license.
L - Power up the other recipient daw on the bench.
K - Connect the recipient daw to the internet.
M - Transfer the license.
N - Repack the recipient daws.
O - Repack both donor daws.
P - Add the dual-Madi interfaces.
Note - if it’s done as an offline process the above steps still require many steps and are time consuming.

My point in this explanation is not because I have too much time and enjoy explaining our business, it’s that I was under the impression, possibly mistaken, that our Nuendo 11 licenses would always be able to be transferred to eLicensers. I was thinking we would continue to operate this way while the licensing issues with N12 are ironed out, and eventually - someday - have to spend extra money and time with license transfers as in the above scenario simply because Steinberg will no longer support eLicenser activation even with older licenses. I think. What I didn’t expect is for a purchased v11 license to not be able to be used as it was sold - with eLicenser. As I said I continue to hope I’m incorrect but it’s not looking very good at the moment.

Sincerely and frustratingly,