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I am with Dorico since Dorico 1 and love it. There are a lot of discussion after every major/minor realise - somebody is happy to see new features he/she was waiting for, others are disappointed. Its normal:) Anyway all discussions about a new features are shared in thousands of all possible threads. I came just across an idea - would be not great to use this forum for some kind of live-survey? There could be a list of features which users would like to see in a future updates, everybody could vote and items would be prioritised in a way how many votes one or other feature has got.

I do not mean Dorico team would have in some way to follow it, but it would be a great center stage - like a some kind of data bank of all the expectations. Probably sorted by Setup, WriteMode, EngravingMode, Playmode, PrintMode etc? It would be very interesting for me personally to see what priorities do other users have. Development team has his own roadmap, but such live-survey could be also helpful in order to know what a main priorities of clients are. This survey could be sticked like few other articles in a forum are.

Very unlikely to happen.


And to add to what @hrnbouma linked to, Daniel has stated the same MULTIPLE times over the course of YEARS. Regardless, the dev. team reads all our posts; they are aware of the things we are asking for, and how often the requests are made. Besides: it would be an absolute PR disaster if everyone kept up voting a single feature that then (for whatever legitimate reason) they cannot immediately deliver. It’s better to just let the farmers drive the cart and enjoy the hayride.


I think the best way to find out what priorities other users have is to read this board over a long period of time. We basically are trying to do this all the time, in a less organized way. It’s a huge mountain of material to catch up with by now, but searches are effective.

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Hi @mipi,
Well, according to my negative experience with such surveys published by the Cubase team, where the most wanted future weren’t integrated in the newer version…
I would prefer the best team at Steinberg, the one behind Dorico, not make the same mistake. :slight_smile:
The surveys make the people to expect, and then the disappointment is very serious, when just 1 or 2 of most wanted features are there, and often they were those at the end of the “most wanted” list.
Currently the Dorico team is able to manage the balance the best way between the users’ needs, the publishing business and their own plans for features and improvements.
This is how the who Steinberg should work! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,