Just an Idea..

I was thinking, if PG programmed WaveLab 7 to use just 1 window for both Audio/Montage and instead having simply 1 button to switch between tool sets.

When importing or beginning a project, a simple open dialog of what you want your settings to be from the get go. Sort of like the way Pro Tools 10 prompts upon starting a project.

It would be less confusing having extra windows open, and more user friendly. 1 window, multiple tool sets with a simple hotkey or icon that switches between the various tool sets. Or even a tabbed tools window, with Audio or Montage Tab or Universal tools for both applications. Along with some updated, HiRes icons and a manual…and I know I would be happy than a pig in… :smiley:

Just thinking… :mrgreen:

This is what WL used to be like until the present version. There has been discussion about it before, but it obviously was a design decision to have it operate like it is now. I’m used to it now, but then, I also use multiple monitors now…

Luck, Arjan

Or, perhaps an option to have them combined for those of us whom prefer the more simpler intuitive(Steve Jobs Approach). I ask myself, what would he do…and how…

I am by no means bashing it, I do Love WL7 and am very happy that it finally came to OSX. I am also very grateful of PG being so active and responsive to all the users here…which is such a huge difference from other forums. I mean, how many forums give you a chance to have direct dialog with the programmer?..besides Reaper.

Either way, just some ideas I had when I was marking up a CD the other night and remember using WL4 elements and how much smoother the workflow was then…although far less comprehensive as it is now.

WL7 rocks regardless, and I am looking forward to the update too! :smiley: