Just an observation on the Cubase Pro Hub Form

Hi Folks,

This is not a complaint, just an observation, perhaps an oversight.

On the Cubase Pro Hub Form, notice it has a control box which has three controls:

  1. Minimise. This works perfectly.
  2. Maximise. Greyed-Out, unavailable.
  3. Close. Not Greyed-Out. Usually closes the form but does nothing.

How odd.

The X closes the hub here. Windows 11.

With version 13.0.40/41 it works fine. (Windows 11)

It is true that this did not work with the first version of C13.

Cubase 13.0.41 will not close from the Hub using the X button on Windows 11 if there are any other windows left open after closing a project. For example a transport bar, video window, export window. The first one is pretty small on the screen, so it’s easy to miss.

I believe these should close with the project, and the way it is right now, doesn’t seem fully fixed.

Here’s how it looks:

Of course, I usually have the transport bar on the bottom of the screen, so I sometimes forget that it’s still there, making the X button not work.

One of the reasons why it doesn’t seem to close for some people. And it’s confusing :).

It’s the same thing with Windows 11. The behavior of Cubase is different depending on the open window. For example, if you open the Video or Plugin Manager window, Cubase refuses to close by clicking the X in the Hub as long as these windows are open.

If you have the VST Instruments or Audio Performance windows open, clicking the X on the Hub closes the Hub and leaves those windows open, and closing those windows makes the Hub reappear.

To me, this behavior is illogical, because clicking the X in the Hub should close the application no matter which window is open.

Yup. Additionally, I think closing a project should basically close every window except for the hub.

Otherwise if I export audio and close the project, without closing the export window first, I end up with it on top of the hub.