Just an observation re forced stemlets

In sixteenth or eighth note triplets where either first or last note is a rest I’ve been able to force a stemlet beam over the 16th note triplets and I had success with one out of 4 eighth note triplets that I tried it on. The eighth note triplet in the successful case had 2 notes followed by a rest. It worked on one but applying the same method to the second one which was the same format it wouldn’t work, and when the rest was the first beat I couldn’t get it to work at all. It’s a nice feature but not very consistent.

We’d need to see the passage in question to be able to help with this, Richard. Try copying and pasting the troublesome passage into a new project with just one player and those few notes/bars, and attach it here, so we can take a look.

stemletexample.zip (476 KB)
Here’s the example in question. First bar worked, second bar didn’t.



If you make sure that the rests on which you’re trying to force a stemlet are real rests, you should find it works as expected. When you encounter a rest that doesn’t want to show a stemlet, reinput the rest, i.e. start note input, hit , (comma) to engage rest input, choose the appropriate duration, and type any pitch name, e.g. A, to input the rest. Then you should be able to make the stemlet beam appear.

It should be the case that selecting any rest and choosing to force a stemlet beam there should automatically create a real rest for you, but that’s not currently working. The procedure I describe above can be used in the meantime.

That worked, thank you Daniel. In one instance I noticed that when I selected the last eight note rest in a triplet at the end of a bar the quarter rest in the next bar also lit up. I wonder if I may have changed a meter sig somewhere that would have thrown that off, but the other ones worked. I have to admit I don’t really quite understand the ‘real’ rest thing.

No, indeed. The idea is that the truth of whether or not a rest is actually real is supposed to be completely hidden from end users, but there are some rough edges that prevent this from being the case at the moment. You should be able to set the forced stemlet beam command on any rest, real or otherwise, but unfortunately the command doesn’t correctly first make the rest into a real one, which it is supposed to do automatically.