Just an observation

So every daw has it’s buggy releases for sure but so far my impression
of how people here on the forum are feeling with 6 is favorable. Unlike what is happening on the Cakewalk forum with the new release of X1 which has been disasterous.
I think we can really appreciate Steinbergs track record lately. C5 was very stable for me and it appears 6 is showing well so far.

Yes i think the majority of us that have been lucky enough to get our copies in the past couple of weeks are very pleasantly surprised!

i’ve just been waiting for a problem and there have been NONE so far! One or two things have been changed or moved but it’s all been pretty straight forward so far!.. loving some of the new features!

hi james

there is a lot of happy people using c6 at the mo ,can’t seem to fault it really , they have really thought about this one !