Just another post from a grateful user


This is basically just a big thank, to the Developers in the fist place, but also to the the community of this forum (i have learned and keep learning a lot here).

Some months ago i used Dorico to prepare the score and parts of an orchestral work by the composer Juan María Solare.
Well i just want to say that in copying that work i took advantage of many tools of Dorico that IMHO make the software really “advance”, for example divisi and condensing just to mention two among many.
I have thougth about writing some comments about details that could have made the work a little easier for me but i have not find the time and the mood to do it, besides, some problems are already known and the developers are surely working on them. And since Daniel wrote that there is an update around the corner i’d better wait and see.
Anyway, the work in question was premiered last year, thougth it was composed 25 years ago, so in a way just to have it performed was a success (for the composer mainly but being involved in a direct way gave a good feeling to me too, i guess some here will understand that). The composer has uploaded a video from the score where one can see side by side his manuscript and the score made with Dorico synchronized with the sound of the live recording of the premiere.
I’ll just leave the link here in case someone would like to take a look.

And again, thanks!