just bought 10 pro and i have some questions

the setup took me some time.
I must say it’s not that convenient.

  1. I know that if you lose the USB dangal you need to buy a new Cubase. How can I be sure that I activated the USB dongle and make sure that if I break or lose it I only have to buy the dongel again and not the all software?

  2. It says in the box that I can only use 64-bit VST plugins but I saw a software named jbridge that can make 32 bit work too. is it possible and has no issues?

  3. Is there a YouTube channel which has full tutorial of the Cubase 10?
    Which is the best YouTube channels tutorial?

  4. I have a soundcard Akai eie Pro and every time I record something there’s a click in the beginning of the recording. Am I doing something wrong? How can I find out what causes the problem?

  5. Is there a site of VST plugin ratings like in IMDb for movies?

  6. The seller told me does that it software has built-in plugins and I can’t find them. Where can I find drums piano and orcestal?

    thank you…


You should be able to see your registrations in your Steinberg account. Also, when you open eLicenser Control Center, you’ll see your activated licenses there.

Nothing is without issues, but many users do this.


For the remainder of your questions, there is no substitute for learning the fundamentals. Reading the manual is helpful. Also, check some of the paid courses available from several vendors. Most Cubase 10 courses available to this point cover just the new features and assume you understand the structure already.

An excellent source is author Matthew Lowell T. Hepworth. His courses are available from:


Don’t be afraid to look at some of his tutorials on older versions, as they are the most thorough. Once you have had an introduction to the interface of Cubase 10, look especially at the Cubase 7 courses, as there haven’t been courses as comprehensive as these for the later versions. Yes, the interface is different (the most confusing is that the menu item that used to be labelled Devices has been renamed to Studio for reasons known only to the designers). No, none of the features and commands shown in these courses have been removed, though some have been moved.

For another thorough intro to the new features of Cubase 10 try this one by Walter Hunnicutt:


Sometimes, spending that initial time reaps bigger rewards in the long run. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by setup. Do you mean installation? Configuration? Templates?

Just make sure you are registered with Steinberg.

It depends on your 32 bit VST/VSTI’s. Most work fine without any tweaking. Some may have problems. Learn how to use the many options inside jBridge. Some or most of the time, knowing the options and experimenting can fix your problems. Also message the developer. He is very knowledgeable and can assist when you have exhausted your options. Read his website for any information if you encounter problems.

Ultimately, replace 32 bit VST/VSTI’s with 64 bit. There are very few that don’t have a 64 bit equivalent. Personally I find too many VST’s that don’t get used that have accumulated. Thin out, then learn the tools that you keep.

I would start with Greg Ondo, Club Cubase. No need to try to find a general tutorial that includes C10. But do find tutorials that start with C7. You can find tutorials that show the new features between each version. Anything prior to C7 is mostly core basics.

I don’t know. But I bet within a couple days someone will find a solution for you. Also try other forums.

Sure there is, but I often find such sites amusing if not worthless. First, develop your audio objectives. Then ask in forums about tools available.

So you purchased C10 used? It comes with Groove Agent and Halion Sampler. Piano you rely on Halion. Orchestral Halion. Are you sure you installed properly?