Just bought 2 retrologue expansions during the 50% sale, strange activation experience

Hi there… just bought Analog House and Sounds of Soul…

I have my receipt and info emails both from Steinberg and Asknet. In the Steinberg email, only an activation code for Analog house is provided.

Under sounds of soul, it just says *retrologue required.

No code at all.

However, now that I have just installed firstly Analog House, which gave no problem as I had activated it already to my USB key, and then sounds of soul directly after it, at the end of the sounds of soul installation it brought up a request for an activation code to please activate the software… the typical elicenser type code boxes… and I never got one, So i just hit cancel…

I tried a couple of the sounds and they seem to load but of course I am asking if this is temporary period or whatever and if it will eventually want a license…

could someone clarify please?

hi, what’s the easiest way to contact support directly from oz? when i used to try, it used to ask me to contact local distributor… since no one answered here, I’d like to follow up on this to make certain that I wasn’t supposed to get an activation code for the second bank. cheers


You don’t need activation code for Sounds of Soul. I bought this expansion couple of years ago and never received or needed an activation code. As long as you can load the sounds it should be fine.

Just keep the installer somewhere safe in case you need to reinstall later. Because it’s not protected by a license you can’t just download it like most of the Steinberg products. I forgot about this and had to contact Asknet with a proof of purchase to get a download link again.

Ok, thank you. Sounds of soul asked me for activation again when I installed on my imac pro, but you are right, if i just force quit the activation request, the sounds seem to work ok. This really is something the literature should say, i mean, i am sure others will be thrown off by the installer demanding an activation code. Thanks again misohoza. Cheers

Yes, I also bought some expansions and had the same doubt. But they seem to load and work fine!