just bought cubase 10 pro - attempting to activate

are there no other options, or do i actually have to pay more money for a physical dongle to activate the software?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Pro can be stored on the USB-eLicenser only.

If you buy a new license, the USB-eLicenser comes always with Cubase Pro. If you buy an upgrade from lower derivative (Cubase Elements/AI/LE), you have to buy the USB-eLicneser extra (if you don’t own any already).

I purchased as a download from Sweetwater, no crossgrade. This will be my first time as Cubase user.

Should I be looking at them to supply the USB license?


I expect Sweetwater should say, what it’s selling, and if the USB-eLicenser is- or is not included.

Here is the page where I think he bought it Cubase 10 pro (download):


Here is one of the warnings about the license key: "Please note: SteinbergKey required to authorize software. If you have questions, please contact us."

But it is too small, in my opinion.

the retail box is available for the same price! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CubaseP10Bx--steinberg-cubase-pro-10-boxed