Just bought GA 4 and a bit confused

Hi, watching the tut’s by Greg and he is using drum kits that I do not seem to have…are they expansions? really thought the drum kits came with it :astonished:
and how would I use the patches that are in this thread please? :slight_smile:
also it seems that the vst I bought is an old version and I need to update it…is this correct and why don’t they sell the latest version :confused:
the version I have is

thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

latest versions are here I had to also upgrade because the initial install was older


for the kits maybe he is using the add on expansions you have to buy seperatley

The full version of Groove Agent 4 comes with almost 200 kits, not counting the 200 other kits that come with exclusively with Cubase. Cubase 9 and newer added 50 new kits that you wont have if you didn’t upgrade from Cubase 8.5.

It will be easier to tell you if a kit comes from an expansion if you link to the video.

OK thank you guys…here is a link to the vid…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rwRc-QPZbI&list=PL2TEtji9YYLAc-qIwKXzkdLwU2KJdFG4E

I cannot get any drum image to show like on the vid…so are they all expansions to be bought separately. :question:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

They are included. You have to load the acoustic agent, but they are pretty bad tbh. Even at slow repetition rate you can hear a very bad machine gun effect in that video.

OK thanks mate :slight_smile:

For acoustic drums the Simon Phillips addon isn’t bad. But I use GA mostly for the electronic stuff.

Hi, yeah, main reason for me is electronic stuff… :slight_smile: wanna give it a shot :slight_smile: