just bought WaveLab Elements 8 downloaded can't findon comp

Just bought WaveLab Elements 8 as a download. File is on desktop with a yellow file icon with the name “WaveLab Elements 8” with a yellow folder in that named “WaveLab Elements 8 for windows” and a wavelab elements icon that reads “WaveLab_Elements_8_Start_Centre” I’ve followed installation instructions, registered, activated through key and it’s not in my programs at all. Anyone have any ideas where I have gone wrong. Have gone through website looking for answers and wavelab elements 8 isn’t an option.


Please ask Steinberg official support for this issue.

where do I find the official support? I am lost, looked for over an hour this morning


Are you sure the application was actually installed? To me it sounds like what you see on your desktop is only the extracted installer - which hasn’t operated (installed WL8) yet… And, for helping here, it is essential to know more about your system; OS & version, 32 or 64 bit, etc…


Operating system is Windows 8
there is a setup64 icon that I hit but the comp says I haven’t enough disk space, but I have 2 and a half tbs worth, so not sure what that’s about.

It says
Insufficiant free disk space

then says

cannot prepare main package
Probably corrupted package, incorrect TMP/TEMP variables or there is
no execute permission for temporary folder

Please try the new WaveLab Elements 8.0.1 installer:

installed 8.0.1 and the same thing is happening. Got the files but not the program itself to open. I am wondering how I go about a refund and perhaps my best option is to order the box of it instead and maybe I will have better luck setting it up? I am finding it very hard to get the help I need to sort this issue out. Gone through the channels stated. I would like to talk to someone from Steinberg themselves to organise a refund and box sent. I am finding the steinberg website frustrating. Anyone have any ideas. I live is Australia.