Just change the fonts completely, already!

Do it.

7.0.1 is a step forward in readability because the fonts are a bit bolder and brighter and the panning counter does not get in the way anymore, but

-just choose another font, dammit. Something clear, sharp. The font is too soft.
-Change the colour of the insert/send slots. It doesn’t have to be blue or shaded. Why put a white font into the BRIGHTER part of the shaded bluey background in the channel inserts? There’s just no healthy reason for that.

I’m ok with the mixer background having texture etc. I’d prefer it didn’t but it doesn’t hurt too much.

BUT I NEED TO be able to identify the meter values and plugin names as quickly as possible.

Can’t be that hard to change the font.

Other than that, nice improvements, keep them coming!

I think it looks a lot better

yeh, 7 is by far the best!

OP, Please consider editing the subject so folks can see what it’s about and weigh in… :slight_smile:

For me it is still readable, but I do find the fonts are a bit distressed in certain new features. This is similar to the font “problem” that occurred when C6 came out. That was resolved, but I don’t remember what the fix was. On the Mac side there was a system-wide problem that had to do with font smoothing too.

To my eyes, the gradient in the channel rack section of the mixer gets in the way toward the bottom.

Yes, it does look better, but they just made the font fat.

It could be much better if they just changed the font type.

@Steve: Valid point, changed it. It’s just the frustration, you know…

I feel ya. :slight_smile:

Or just let us select a font from any installed on our computers.