Just checking on lyric scrolling

A friend of mine gigged with VST Live 2 recently and said there was trouble with lyric scrolling on the gig, though was fine at home.

I asked what version he’s got and he didn’t know. I explained that there’s weekly updates, but just wanted to ask if this was a bug which was fixed in one of the recent updates.

Thanks in advance.

We also had Problems during the last rehearsals last week. The App changes Online/offline every 10-20 Seconds. The iPad is also in use to control our X Air XR18 Mixer that works without any problems.
The Lyrics run - stop - run - stop. At the Moment we dont see it as an option to buy more iPads!

Oh I see, so he wasn’t alone with this issue then. Though if I recall, his issue with lyric scrolling was it would be fine for one or two songs but then would jump randomly about the song I’ll try and replicate it myself at home, I’ll report back.

Hi, we will double check this behavior in our next rehearsals to make sure, that the problem is not forced by another technical setting.

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