Just curious if there's any reason Dorico doesn't automatically adjust for this chord symbol overlapping the margin?

I’m trying to figure out why this chord is overlapping the right margin:

I tried changing the horizontal alignment in Engraving rules as per the following:

But then I also got problems like the following I didn’t previously have:

Shouldn’t collision avoidance cause chord symbols NEVER to overlap margins/barlines when there’s space to avoid this? (just checking!)

Thanks for any thoughts!

  • D.D.

As far as Dorico’s concerned, there probably isn’t space to avoid this.

The big note-spacing factor here is lyrics. You’d think that Dorico would be able to just squish them a bit closer together, but it has rules for minimum spaces between syllables and it’s not going to break those rules unless you force it.

You’re going to need to either fiddle with the Note Spacing tool (in Engrave mode), or nudge that individual chord symbol to the left (in Engrave mode), if you’re ok with it actually appearing rhythmically early.

Strangely, I’ve also noticed this behavior even when there are no lyrics and when there appears to be plenty of space to avoid this problem…

Dorico will never move a chord symbol horizontally to avoid a barline, either in the middle of or at the end of a system. You’ll need to do that yourself.

Why is that? (Just curious!) I ask only because it would seem a logical thing to do just to keep things visually as neat and tidy under as many possible circumstances as possible…

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It’s because software isn’t magic, unfortunately, and everything that Dorico does has to be laboriously programmed by a limited number of expert humans.

This is going in my “Daniel Quotes” bookmark folder :smiley:

Yes, and Daniel: I definitely hear you! :slight_smile:

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