Just curious....

Does anybody know if you can system link a 32 bit Cubase system to a 64 bit system?

I’m pretty sure it can be done as people used to link early Cubase VST/PC to Ataris that did the midi parts.
I don’t know though, what level of success was had overall. It was also pre-USB connection, either by midi or LAN connectors.
If somebody is doing it they must be here somewhere, sometime.
I don’t think it will blow up your system to try it but you may need to be prepared for some strange behaviour from Cubase.

Yes it can. You could VST system link for it.



VST System link is done via digital audio connections, not USB, MIDI, or LAN

I stand corrected. Just couldn’t think of the booger offhand. Thanks.

I’m always prepared for strange behaviour from Cubase! :smiley:

Thanks for the confirmation, gentlemen.