Just curious

When you are finished with Cubase, you close Cubase but then do you shut down your computer?
On the job the computers were always left on. Not every one does that. Do Cubase users do it?
Silly question I know but would still like to know.

Cubase users always shut down their computers - part of the EULA.

Logic users must shut down their computers as well, but only if their session has at least 25 tracks, and was started on a Monday. Otherwise, they are allowed to leave their computers on.

Sonar users are not allowed to shut down their computers, unless they were working with a client with the first name of Stephan. Then - and only then - can they shut down their computers.

DP users are allowed to shut down their computers, but only during Lent, or if they started a session on a Tues, and that Tues happened to be either the 10th, 11th, or 15th day of the month.

Not sure about the rest of the sequencers; you can try the forums for the other ones.



It’s usually good for any computer (mac or pc) to be shut down once in a while. If you’re not going to be using your computer in the foreseeable future, shut it down.

I usually shut down my computer at night (every day) or when I’m going out.

Why leave it on? Is energy so cheap where you live? Because of the 20 seconds it takes to start up again?

I leave mine on for days at a time but if I know I won’t be in the studio for a few days I shut it down.

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That’s why he only used valve amps, because solid state amps didn’t produce the required light as well !

Oh, and to get back to where we started, I switch my computers off at the end of each day. I think it is better to reboot the system each new day.

@OP if you want a stable Cubase experience here’s my recommendations (I’m a member now BTW):

  • after each session, on a project basis restart the DAW in the very least to purge faulty memory registers
  • re-start your computer whenever you can, in particular if you are using networking services or updating the system
  • re-install cubase and/or the computer at least once between updates of DAW software depending on how fast Steiny push out compatibility fixes

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just curious but how do you mean re-install your computer , and why re-install cubase between updates.

Hi Firestamper,

Particularly with unsupported updates you can never be sure of exactly how they will perform on a given system, ie the development SDK’s that are used may be for future compatibility.

Still hung up about post count are we Brains!

Funnily enough I actually agree with your first point to a degree! Cubase can suffer from what I’d call micro crashes and the odd computer restart or just application restart will ensure a good experience.

As to reinstalling everything between updates, that’s just silly. But then some people do get themselves into one hell of a mess!!!

Rapid post count increases might assist to gratify ones’ ego, but as for the DAW, you won’t know how quick Cubase can actually save a file unless or until you try!

6.0.7 here and loving it.

Thanks Steiny

No such thing as a ‘microcrash’.

Purge faulty memory registers??? Where do you guys get this stuff?

Re-install cubase and/or the computer at least once between updates of DAW software … You said and/or. So it’s re-install the computer at least once between updates of DAW software. Reinstall the computer? Really??? Where do you get this stuff from? Even if you didn’t mean re-install the computer , (which I personally think you did)… why in hell would you re-install cubase between updates of DAW software? Nonsense.

I leave my computers on for days on end without even restarting Cubase. I have done ONE Cubase install - the original. I have done several updates to that one install. I have never re-installed the computer (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean), nor have I ever re-installed Cubase. I never have crashes, I never have micro-crashes (whatever the hell those are), I never have faulty memory registers (whatever the hell those are), and save for bugs and design flaws, I have ZERO issues.

As with any war, misinformation or exaggeration are weapons, as is to discredit people in order to get the top post-count tally (I believe you had the highest in the old forum) but as I say who can verify that project start time is faster, moreover can explain the difference between real and virtual memory registers.

Dude - too complex and comprehensive use of the English language for me.

I am outta here!

Well done Jeff

I said “micro crash” because that’s just what happens sometimes, Cubase has always performed incredibly well for me but… and this is the point. Not all plugins are as well written as cubase and can and do cause things to go awry, now if that isn’t in your experience then all well and good. Not everybody uses Cubase the way you do. I said, I call it a “microcrash” my words, because it doesn’t cause Cubase to fall over, just some little thing will start to misbehave, could be auto save stops saving, maybe a small graphic glitch, of course I should have said small inconsistencies, have you never had any strange instabilities or small things happen but Cubase still seems to go on working? if not then congratulations!

These things have been documented since the start of Cubase, and I’m supposing (never a good thing to do) that it depends on several million factors, so as far a solid proof goes, there is none.

And please do not lump my comments in with Brains comments.

I’m leaving myself wide open for more criticism but hey thats what it’s all about.

Don’t worry about your credibility Split, everyone knows your an expert even by postcount.

The only people who need to worry are those with their Studio name in their signature because it might mean decreased business.

I guess that when Cubase sometimes comes up with the error “Cubase has encountered a problem and needs to close… save your work under a different name…” type of error, could well be referred to as a “micro crash”