Just discovered PLE has an undocumented Keyword that generates the date - any others?

One of the stock PLE Presets, Add a Date to selected MIDI and Audio Tracks, does exactly what it claims as shown in the screenshot. The weird thing is the Append Operation usually adds the actual TEXT in Parameter 1 to the end of the Track Name. If I put “XYZ” in Parameter 1 the Track would be named “BongosXYZ” - indeed if I change it to lowercase “date” the track gets named “Bongosdate” But capitalized it actually generates a real date.

As far as I can tell this is completely undocumented and now I’m wondering if there are any others. I’ve tried a few like Number & Count with no luck.

Anybody know anything about this?

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Interesting, tried a few myself and can’t find any either… There must be one more, surely :slight_smile:


Hi try this one:
Parameter 1: Renumber 1.

This will append/prepend number to the track. The “1” means the value of the 1st number

Btw, it’s interesting, how is the Date printed. As I can see on the screenshot, you get the US print. I get this one: 28.01.22. :wink:

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Wish I got that one! I get the US one too, and I’m in UK! :slight_smile:

Martin, I see you also posted this info in the thread below which was the reason I was poking around and stumbled on this Date thing. But how did you even know about “Renumber” in the first place? As far as I can tell none of this is documented. It would be pretty cool if there were more of these and they were documented so we could know they exist.


Thanks for the great detective work, @raino and @Martin.Jirsak !

If I may add a tiny contribution: The Date format seems to be derived from an operating system setting – at least on Win10.

Here’s what I get (since I always set my short date to YYYY-MM-DD)

On Win10, go into the classic Control Panel, and select Clock & Region

And then pick your favorite Short date

p.s. MacOS also has a very similar global date format setting , but I don’t currently have Cubase installed on my Mac

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That makes sense

Yes, how? I’m sitting here typing like a madman, ColorName, Track Color, TrackColor, Track_Color, Color_Name, in case I hit the jackpot and we can somehow use colors as a variable.

Is there extra documentation somewhere? Are those Parameter description scattered through manuals of older versions?

Now that’s what I call a proper date - no matter where you are, people know it!!
Thanks for tip! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m very biased for that date format, not only because it’s less confusing, but also since it sorts properly as text

So it’s one of the first things I configure whenever setting up a new computer or website

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After hearing about this, I have the feeling there are a bunch of hidden PLE features that no one knows about. It really would be great if there was a separate or extended section of the manual for the PLE and Midi Logical Editor.

BIG agreement with this. It has always been under-documented. Half the things I know how to do with it were gleaned by examining the factory Presets.

Why do I think that Hans Zimmer knows about those - and maybe even caused them to be added? :wink:

Hans Zimmer probably has a load of secret variables he can use. Laughing at us, he is… right now.

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… and secret midi remote commands. :wink:

Heck he’s got access to the secret COMPOSE button