Just discovered the fix for the lonely menu bar!

I just set the C8 shortcut to always open as maximized. Opens in a nice, clean, grey fullscreen window, and then I load or start a project. Done. :sunglasses:

nice find ! I changed that immediatly. :slight_smile:

What did it do before?

Well, it was set to open as “Normal Window”, and would not display the grey background initially and I had to click in the titlebar or maximize it to make it grey.
It just feels more right like this, you know, more like a “window”…
Yeah, it’s a small thing, I know… :ugeek:


Ah ok, I just clicked it once and it kept the grey background from that point on. Good to know, I hope Win10 will make Cubase 8 behave a little better.

I prefer it grey too but I like my real windows to be see though! :smiley:

My windows have no glass, but plenty of a(e)ir(o), I use the “Dark Colonial Wood Shutters” theme… :smiley:

Great! Thanks alot, been looking for this solution for a while.
Good work. :smiley:

You just have to maximise it once, then it remembers it the next time – at least that’s what it does here, on Windows 7.

Thanks!! Best tip since ages.