Just found an added reason to keep on using C13, over previous versions…

I’ve been pesting since Cubase 7.0.1 days against it, and remember having heated exchanges with one of the moderators (Markus, if I remember well), even via PM, more than 10 years ago : the horrible double lined project cursor. And I just stumbled on this, in C13 preferences :

Back to 6.5.5 cursor display, with the added cursor colour choice feature, and no more ‘outline’ blurrying the exact position of the cursor, which is essential for my ageing eyes . Yaaay !

This is a true relief : I no longer was expecting it and here it is. I don’t know who is behind this, in the development crew, but congrats to him/her : you made, at least, a happy camper with this one… :smiley:


Who knows? Perhaps they’ll even bring back the floating transport bar (F2).

[Edit:] I meant “transport panel”.

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To this I say: it is still there
To this you’ll say: I mean the old design, double height transport bar


Word :handshake:
[Edit:] It was called “Transport Panel”, not “Bar”.