"Just Funnin'"

This is probably the closest thing to what might be considered jazz I’ve attempted. It started out as a test subject for my new AmpliTube3 software but kept growing on me.

Please take a listen and tell me what you think.



Interesting idea. Did you program the drums;whats their source?

Thanks for listening, Mr M.

The drums are Superior Drummer 2.0 with the Custom & Vintage SDX. It’s the default preset with a few tweaks to the mixer in SD running on an instrument track. I put together the MIDI from various Toontrack bits and pieces. I’m still pretty new to the world of MIDI and VSTs so that has been the easiest approach for me so far. I’m also using a tempo track for some slight variations.

I agree, the drums sound pretty good. The bass sounds like it’s not sure what to do. The song sounds like it’s “just funnin”. How do you like Guitar Rig?

What’s up, Early?

That’s a fairly accurate observation on the bass. I just picked up an American Standard P-Bass Friday night. All I had before that was a cheap Squire acoustic-electric bass that I rarely played, and mostly with a pick. I played around with a couple ideas when I brought it home for an hour or so until my fingers got sore (trying to ditch the pick and learn to play like a “real” bassist :wink: ). I put down a couple takes on Saturday morning and called it good. I can see myself going back and trying some other bass lines once I get more comfortable with the new thumper.

As far as AmpliTube goes (not Guitar Rig), I’m diggin’ it. I’ve only had it for about two weeks so I haven’t done much experimenting yet. It’s cool to be able to record a dry guitar part and go back and try completely different sounds with it. I’d never used any amp sims before so I can’t really say how it compares to anything else out there.

Oops, meant Amplitube. I know what you mean about being able to change the sound after the fact – actually may be more of a curse than a blessing! American P-Bass! Excellent. You are doing the same as I do - pulling out the bass when it’s time to record and then doing takes until the skin falls off your right hand. I usually leave my fingernails a little bit long for the way I play guitar, but when it’s time for bass, I cut 'em off. Have not been able to get a good sound with a pick on the bass.