Just got it today

Detect tempo, now this was pretty ropey on a bit of solo guitar so immediately I thought junk technology, but on anything with an obvious rhythmic quality it works a treat. This will make life so much easier, I never seen this coming but what a pleasant surprise.

Group editing, this is pretty much the old group function but a lot slicker, well it is until you double click to open the wave editor and (as far as I can tell) you have access to all the editing and warping functions but affecting all the tracks in the group, worth twice the upgrade price alone.

I havent tried the drum tool that looks a bit like Toontracks Drumtracker yet, but you can easily correct a half decent drummers errors using the above.

So far this is the best update I can recall, and I’ve only had it a few hours. :smiley:

Interested in how it works, cheers.

What country are you in?

what ops are you running ?


Win 64 here in the UK.

Ignore using the editor on groups, in my rush to see if it did this I duplicated a track several times and of course it worked because it was the same file for each track. So its not like elastic audio but I can still edit the drums using the group function so I’m still happy so far.

So are you saying there is no multi-track time stretch?

Win 7 64 or Win Vista 64?

If there is I don’t see it in the manual, and I can’t do it in the program.

It’s Windows 7 Tony, great program. I put it on my general PC and was so impressed I upraded from XP on my main DAW.

See this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwYwvAmKT7M&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  • Bo

Yeah, its an automated cut/slip/cross-fade kind of thing but it’s not multi track time stretch.


Not sure if I got you right, but if you stretch a file / track inside the Edit-Group all related files will be also stretched.

I think what I mean is like a Pro-Tools elastic audio. Also if you time stretch within a edit folder group do all the tracks stay in phase/alignment?

don’t you have to do it from the audio pool sellect elastic pro for that function ?


I have read about this in an article, so this C6-feature works actually in phase. Well, I can imagine.