just got two mr816s--mistake not getting UR824?

Just got two mr816 x units and I do like them very much…but wondering if I should have went with the UR824 because they are newer…I just haven’t seen much feedback on the UR824 so I guess I was wary about them…did I make a mistake going with the older MR816?

The MR816s are fantastic units, no mistake.

I do not think you made a mistake. The MR816’s are awesome, in my opinion.

I would say yes, only because I’m once again experiencing the firewire dropout problem that is so well-documented. It was happening when I first got it, then I used a fw800 adapter for over a year–no problems, now nothing will fix it. dropouts happening often with web/core audio and presonus studio one on mac–sux…I’d say trade over if you can.

Hi Folks, new bod here.

Also just purchased a second MR816x, I was surprised how nice the pre’s are for the $ with a KM184 pair. The output/monitoring is a not as much fun so I may look at an RME card solution for the total mix option. Seems to be a popular combo.
But that UA Apollo with Console Application…mmmmm, if it works as good as it looks…
Hang on to the MR’s & ADAT them to the UA (in a few months!)


I did have some drop outs at first but I just adjusted the Yamaha FW Driver to “Large Buffer” and disabled some possible problem devices in device manager (onboard LAN/onboard audio) and that took care of it. Been perfect ever since…

Hey there I’m also new I originally started this post cause at first I was just being insecure about my purchase but now I do really like the units. I did research a lot before buying and was aware of the monitoring issues—but I planned to use my 24 channel SR 24 analog mackie board as a giant headphone mixer— I just run each output of both units (all 16 outputs total) to channel 1 thru 16 on the board–which has 6 aux outs so I can send 6 headphone mixes. Very convenient way of headphone mixing and I can give the musician anything they want to hear off all 16 channels of the two MR816s…

For me, the MR816s are better than the UR824.

hey tito,
that’s a good system to keep the flow going in a session, without sacrificing an MR input for talkback.
I’ve had some headaches routing to phones and output configuring so your solution would work for me twice over.
I can also mix using stems from those 16 outs and make use of more outboard.


With MR you can make it up to 48 Channels, with the UR you will be limited to only 24…

Hey Guys,
I happened across this thread cause I am getting real close to getting rid of my MR816 and replace it with either RME or UAD likely. I have had the unit since it was released but am having more and more consistent drop outs ever since I upgraded system to Mt Lion on Mac. My system is faster and more efficient in every other way I just cannot listen to itunes, web or even work in Cubase without some dropouts happening a couple times an hour. It really sucks.

A) Anyone find solutions to the dropouts

B) Anyone recommend UAD Appolo or RME UFX, or other as replacement?

I do love the direct monitoring and would like to retain that element as I hate latency recording.


I have a UFX and couldn’t be happier.

I originally had 6 MR816’s but the direct monitoring was a problem, so I got rid of 4 of them, kept 2 and connected them to an RME UFX via Adat.

The RME UFX with its TotalMix software is a fantastic solution, and the MR816’s on adat work very well with it.

For me, the MR816 is better that the UR just because it has separate 48v phantom power switches for each of the 8 inputs, whereas on the UR this can only be switched on/off in input pairs.

I prefer the MR816’s to the UR824 model.

Personally the UR looks cheap in my opinion.

ANYWAY…Steinberg needs to release another updated driver etc. for the MR816 series. Right now I think the current version works well for so many people that they’re doing the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. That’s NOT helpful to the many of you previous posters who seem to have had to let your MR816’s go because of performance issues.

Steinberg needs to really realize that NEW users like Bells and Whistles, long term SUPPORTERS of Steinberg software and hardware NEED PERFORMANCE. It’s evident with the new Cubase 7, it’s barely coming to where it needs to be for Mac users after 6 months of being out.

Anyway, I’d like Steinberg to release an updated driver in the near future and not just let the MR816 fall by the wayside.